The Beginning

Have you ever wondered about what that is? Beginning. The first step. The start of something. The beginning is definitely the most important step you have to make. And you have to do it carefully. Do it slowly. We don’t wanna rush things now, do we? We have to be patient while planting the seeds of our future greatness. We have to take care of what we have just started, look after it, make sure it will grow into something beautiful. At the end, we will be proud of what we have accomplished.

But it is very important to ensure yourself you really want to take the responsibility of making this, helping it become something not only you, but many people care about. You have to think, and then re-think your decision. Are you sure? Or is there anything that might distract you from dedicating the time and the care it needs?

What are you looking at is my 10th blog. Approximately. I might have missed one or two, but the reason for that is the fact I simply messed up with the URLs and the things I was going to write on them. Still, I always took care of those blogs, from their very beginning, until their very unfinished ending version you can find them in now.

But now you are here, reading my very first post on this blog, after successful two days of formatting and designing and finishing up the details. You read and you wonder: What’s gonna happen next?; or at least I hope you do. Well, let me tell you. You might have already read my first page, and the subtitle of the blog: a site for things forgotten, things remembered and things yet to happen. All of this is trying to tell you that I’m gonna write. I’m going to write about anything that crosses my mind. I will also use this blog as a showcase of my work. Anything from poetry to prose. I will share my bigger projects with you, too, so as to get your opinion on whether I have good ideas or no (I will appreciate this). In general, you will see some of my Creative Writing. And I do hope you like it.

At the end, I am only going to say this: Welcome to Life & Stuff, and I hope you have a wonderful browsing time…


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