“To be or not to be…”

To be or not to be a blogger is something I have been contemplating about for nearly half a decade now. I guess being a student definitely played a major role in my decisions about whether to share my personal opinion and thoughts about different subjects with the world, or to simply keep them for myself. Anyway, it is not that I am not enthusiastic; I just can’t find the time or maybe the little bit of motivation needed to fill the XP bar and go to the next level. I have started numerous blogs, about numerous things. Still, I haven’t finished any of them. And now, after finally getting to a school that supports blogging, sharing and being communicative with the world, I am able to open the door and welcome the world I live in in my life (sort of; only virtually for now). Having said that, I wish you happy browsing in Life & 5tuff, a great blog about things that happened (not so) long ago, are happening right now, or will happen in the (not so) distant future.

Welcome to Life & 5tuff!